Saturday, April 27, 2013

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First let me tell you a little about myself. As an award-winning author and speaker, I draw from my experiences of growing up in historic New England on the ocean (Maine) while spending my adult years in the Mountain West (Colorado).

Behind the Book began in a time of sorrow, when my daughter Jolene committed suicide in 2008. Check out my early blogs at Behind the Book  if you wish to know more about that journey.

My son married a lady with two wonderful children, but God blessed all of us with a new baby girl nine months after Jolene died.  21 months later their fourth child, a boy, was born. I came to Oklahoma to live near them. I love Oklahoma's ripping, roaring, cowboy history.

I love music, needlework, reading and reality tv.  I currently reside in a nursing home, which has become a place of blessing.

I have been writing since 1991, but my first book, Romanian Rhapsody, came out with Heartsong Book Club 2005. Today, I am the author of thirty-two  novels and novellas. I have also written around 250 devotionals and personal experience pieces for various publications, including my soon-to-release book, It Is Well with my Soul.

At the top, you will find links to two of my blogs. On Sundays, Behind the Book is my personal blog, whether I am reminiscing about my daily life and sharing news, good or bad, about my writing journey. On Wednesdays, I publish posts from my fellow authors, about their books and what they learned along the way.

At My Daily Nibble, I write devotionals based on that day's reading from a read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan. I meditate on words and phrases that strike me--and the things that bother me most.

I also have a page where you can browse my books currently in print, electronically and/or print, with links for purchase.

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  1. I like the new look, Darlene! As to the titles, I personally think the ones with "Marriage" or "Wedding" give away too much. We all want to wonder if they really will get together, right? And the ones with "Spotted" sound as though she has the measles. Sorry. I think I'll go with Homefront Dreams.

  2. I added marriage, wedding, bride, because my editor told me to look at other Heartsong/LIH titles and many of them include those words. :) I kind of like Home Front Dreams as well. We'll see what the art department etc. decides on.